The Ultimate Class to Upgrade Your Beauty Routine


1:1 Beauty Mastery Session


We can choose from a few categories based on your interest for example

  • mastering an everyday makeup routine

  • focusing on just your eyes

  • creating a look for a special event

  • mastering that chiseled contour look


Once you have a consultation, we will determine the appropriate session for you.


Sure, you can google certain things like “how to apply a winged liner”. But the value of sitting with a professional makeup artist and educator (like me) is I am able to spot a mistake in real time and coach you on how to fix it. Your benefit is my guidance, every step of the way. You can’t get that in a pre-recorded tutorial. The amount of dedication and encouragement I give you is priceless!

In this session you will be allowed to choose a specific skill, trend, or feature you want to learn and this will give me greater insight into your beauty goals.

Why Book A Session

Suitable for Beginners









Safe and


What To Expect

Skin Care Analysis

We put together a skincare regimen that will maximize your skin's natural glow. I teach you what skincare products will aid in preventing signs of aging and maintaining a clear complexion. 


Beauty Routine Establishment

We design a customized routine for your everyday makeup, or special event. Taking into consideration your budget, time, and expertise. 

Cosmetic Education

This education will be based on what you want to master in your makeup routine. I will suggest products that will help you with techniques to complement your eye shape, contour your face, and eyebrow adjustments.

How Does It Work

First Consultation (15 mins)

We’ll have a fun Q+A so I can evaluate your beauty goals pertaining to your current needs and lifestyle.

First Virtual Session (90 mins)

I will educate you on the makeup application process based on what you have already and suggest the products that you may need to achieve the certain look you desire. I will prepare a "recommended products list" to fill in some areas in your routine or even speed it up.

I will guide you step-by-step while you apply makeup to one side of your face. I examine closely to see what areas we can improve. We will perfect the techniques that you usually struggle with. With my instruction, you will proceed on the other half of your face. At the end of the session, you will have a before and after effect. Don't worry, the sessions will be recorded for your personal practice at home. 

What You Will Learn

In Addition To All The Fun, You Will Learn How To:

  • apply proper skincare and exfoliation

  • skin prep and choose the right foundation

  • properly apply concealer

  • properly apply blush/bronzer

  • contour and highlight for your face structure

  • properly apply eye shadow/eyeliner/false lashes

  • choose colors that complement your skin tone

  • coordinate makeup looks with your outfits

  • set your makeup to make it last all day

  • quickly go from day to evening look

  • clean and use makeup brushes 

  • organize makeup to be efficient in all of your beauty routines


What You Will Need 

To ensure that we maximize our time, please have the following prepared before our session:


  • your beautiful face makeup free, freshly washed

  • a bright lighting source available, or set up in front of a window for natural light

  • a stationed and handheld mirror

  • all of your beauty products together, including skincare, makeup brushes and tools

  • makeup remover wipes are preferred to have handy during our session

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